Department of Higher Education

Background History

Loikaw University 

Establishment and Location 

  1. Establishment of University 

Loikaw University was established as a university on 14 May,2003. 

2. Name of University  

It was legally founded as Loikaw University. Its short form is “Loikaw University” (LKU). 

3. Location of University 

It is located in Daw U Khu quarter, Loikaw in Kayah State. Geographically, it lies between 19° 10’ and 19° 41’ 50s north latitude and between 97° 10’ and 97° 30’ east longitude. Its width is 158.63 acres. It is bounded on the east State golf club, on the west Htay Ngar Lyar quarter, on the south housing for the staff of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department and on the north Pan Thiri Daw quarter. 

4. University Logo 

The definition of University Logo is as follows- 

  • The blue mark of the logo represents the Ministry of Education. 
  • The background green colour represents prosperity, unity and fairness. 
  • The Kainara bodge stretching its  wings and holding two lamps represents the Kayah State and these Lightning two lamps express the power of wisdom in the logo.
  • The grains on both sides of the logo state wealth of ricr, our staple food.
  • The word “Loikaw University” is described in the middle of the white ribbon at the bottom of the logo.